Armour Crouching Truck Decks

Manufactured for Armour by Delfab, Inc. in Gladstone, Michigan the Armour Crouching Truck body design originated in Dunedin, New Zealand by Armour. This innovative body is lighter and stronger than other carrier bodies and operates without the need for a rollback mechanism or engine idling.  This deck is designed for Class 6 and Class 7 trucks.

The design of Armour deck is different than other carrier bodies. An  aircraft style grid and deck design is used which results in very light weight with extra rigid strength. The deck plates are curved to prestress the deck so it can handle the high point loading of fork lifts. The chassis transition bolts to the frame in a manner that places the pivot point ahead of the rear axle and utilizes the air suspension as an integral part of the tilting motion . The combination results in an ultra low approach angle with a very stable loading stance.

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